The Big Draw

Our Big Draw History

Each year we are inspired by a different idea to get people drawing. Leslie Holmes, lead artist, Marie Cash, Nargiza Ibrahim and Amber Sanchez conjure up exciting drawing activities for the both adults and children. “On The Allotment” won the top award in the country in 2014, engaging a green fingered group who were just starting up a new community Allotment. Leslie said ” The Big Draw is a great idea, it's about getting people who maybe think they can't draw to have a go at drawing. The challenge is to make it inventive and enjoyable”  

Last year's project had people creating drawings on postit notes and printing wallpapers from vegetables they had grown. Ordsall Community Arts other winning projects” Life at the Top” involved people in tower blocks around the city drawing views from the flats. “The Salford Birdman” was filmed in a strange old attic filled with drawings and models of birds.  “The Tribes of Salford” in 2015 explored the city's link with Native American culture, from Buffalo Bill's Wild West show of 1887 to the Totem Pole presented to the city in 1969. To find out more visit the Big Draw website or check these pages to find out what we're planning for 2016.

The Big Draw 2015 : The Lost Tribes of Ordsall


Taking inspiration from photos of Buffalo Bills Wild West Show to Salford in 1887 and the gift of a Totem Pole from British Columbia to the city in 1969 OCA artists worked with  “tribes” in Pendelton, Islington and Ordsall :and link with students at Red Cloud High Indian School at Pine Ridge Reservation South Dakota, where descendants of the Oglala Sioux from 1887 still live.