Lighting the Legend

Lighting the Legend History

Lighting the Legend began in 1994 as a celebration on bonfire night. It was set up by Ordsall Community Arts and Ordsall Hall to provide local people with a themed celebration. It's name was inspired by the legend that Guy Fawkes stayed at Ordsall Hall during the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament, and even though its never been proven, the story has always fired our imaginations.

Every year around Bonfire night, we parade through the streets with lovingly hand-made lanterns and special feature lanterns and we light up the sky with fireworks.

1994 to 2018

25 Years of Lighting the Legend

We're approaching the 25th birthday of this incredibly popular and much anticipated local tradition event. Local people are fiercely proud of it - you'd be hard pushed to find a family who hasn't been involved in making lanterns at some time in the last 25 years.

We will be planning something really spectacular to mark the 25th anniversary. If you'd like to get involved in shaping in, please get in touch.

Always inspired by local Ordsall life, there have been many themes over the years.......


Lighting the Legend Archive

Have a look at our archive pages. Can you help us remember some of the stories, then get in touch...


Lighting the Legend 2016

Supported by the Heritage Lottery,  the "On the Shoulder's of Giants" project was a collaboration with local artists and community partners, including Salford Trades Council, celebrating 150 years of community and education actvism. Read more....

We've done lots of work already on the lanterns and are well on the way to having a great show this year! We're working with lots of local groups, making pyramid lanterns and special shapes to commemorate everyones favourite local buildings...............read more

Lighting the Legend 2017